Reynolds Shipping is a company in Los Angeles now working in cooperation with Marage Shipping in Belize to provide you with the quality service to which you have been accustomed. This website will have information about the Los Angeles activities, collection of items and boxes, and delivery for your online orders.

For information about the arrival of shipments and delivery of goods in Belize, check the site at Marage Shipping.


OCTOBER 15, 2016

Hello! The shipment scheduled to go out on Oct. 17 was filled and left Los Angeles on Thursday, October 13. Remember when a shipping date is given, if a container is filled before that date, it will be shipped out, so please consider that in your ordering.

IF YOU WANT SOMETHING BY CHRISTMAS, there is an order scheduled to leave Los Angeles on Friday, November 18, but if it is filled earlier, it will leave earlier. Anything not on that shipment will not be guaranteed for Christmas. There MAY be another shipment send in the first week of December but it will not be here for Christmas.

Thank you for your patronage and stay safe and make yourself and others happy in the upcoming holiday season!

Please note: it is not always possible to find out specifically if a certain order has arrived in Los Angeles. The best thing to do is to be sure your shipping company either gives you a tracking number, or can let you know if your package was delivered.

This company does its best to accommodate our customers; we do what we can to keep your costs reasonable

It has been requested that you be informed that the shipping company ONTRAC has not been highly dependable according to the folks in Los Angeles, once ONTRAC saying they tried to deliver, but at the time they said they tried to deliver, someone WAS there. It is best if your shipment can be tracked BY YOU, and that you receive notification when it is delivered. There is often a serious problem if something is left at the door where someone can take it. This has happened to a customer, and Amazon replaced the item. Reynolds is responsible after it has been received personally by someone.

Since the hurricane season has started, please remember that hurricanes could interrupt the process of getting the ships to Belize! We will try to keep you informed of information we have.

Thanks for your patronage!

For any questions about your merchandise arriving in Corozal or delivery, please call Clifford at 624-2654.


Shipments are cleared and delivered by Marage Shipping in Corozal Town.

You can communicate with us on our Reynolds Shipping Facebook Page.

We, of course, pick up packages and barrels for shipment from Los Angeles to Belize. To arrange a pick-up, call (310) 259-1693.

If you want to order online and have it delivered, use this address.

(Your Name) c/o Reynolds Shipping
3720 South Normandie, Apt 3
Los Angeles, CA 90007-4257

Contacts in Los Angeles

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