Shipments are cleared and delivered by πŸ”— Marage Shipping in Corozal Town.

We, of course, pick up packages and barrels for shipment from Los Angeles to Belize. To arrange a pick-up, call πŸ“±(310) 259-1693.

🚚   Make sure you have a name on your package to identify that it is yours. It is best if you also put the name Reynolds on it so they can sign for it, and the people who do most of deliveries know them. Here’s a suggestion: if your last name is Campos, you might send the package to: Campos C. Reynolds (Campos care of Reynolds). Or you can put Your Name c/o Reynolds (as above). Different companies allow different ways to put names on shipping labels.

🚚   Your cost includes taxes and duty in addition to shipping costs.

🚚   Please note that duty on electronic items is 35%, to be paid upon delivery, for most items it is much less.

🚚   Most items are approximately $1.50 US per pound for shipping, added to taxes and customs duties.

🚚   Shipping barrels are $160 US.

🚚   So your cost is a combination of shipping, taxes, and customs duties.

🚚   Payment: those in Los Angeles shipping boxes, etc., can pay in L.A., and those in Belize ordering online and having delivered to Belize can pay Marage in Belize upon delivery.

🚚   Inform the company in Belize (Marage Shipping) of what you are having sent to Los Angeles. For details check the πŸ”— Belize website.